Club Repeaters: 145.290 (-), 147.150 (+) and 444.400 (+)PL 141.3 IRLP (Simplex) 446.0500 PL 141.3 (Node 3198 or EL 310865)

The EARC Repeater 145.290

We are waiting on final contracts to be signed for a tower site for our 145.290 repeater.
A tower climb will be required and any donations are appreciated.

Spurious Emissions Video

Here is a link to the Spurious Emissions Forum video at the 2016 Hamfest:

I pretty much do everything in 1080p, so the file is quite large. If anyone would like a lower res copy (A.K.A. smaller file) let me know and I'll reduce it and link another copy.

ETN Community Spotlight

ETN Community Spotlight proudly presents The Enid Amateur Radio Club

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